Podcast Guest!

I had the pleasure of joining Yinh Kiefer on her podcast Ten with Yinh recently.  What started as a conversation about hormones in perimenopause for both women and men morphed into much more- like politics and stress and how they impact our health.  She and I had a wonderful time, and at the end, IContinue reading “Podcast Guest!”

The Integrative Approach to Understanding Hormonal Balance

Hello everyone, I recently spoke informally to a lovely group at BlueFusionFitness in Waltham, and the owner, Grace, was kind enough to record it. In it, I describe the interdependency of the Neuro-Immune-Hormone systems and their role in your health. I cover the role of cortisol and stress, and go over common health issues that areContinue reading “The Integrative Approach to Understanding Hormonal Balance”

Hormones and breast cancer risk: a link to a review.

When I am seeing someone who has menopausal symptoms, bad enough to seek relief, I am asked almost 100% of the time if the bio-identicals I am suggesting will increase the risk of cancer. I explain the differences between progestin, a synthetic chemical implicated in cancer, and progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone. I explain whyContinue reading “Hormones and breast cancer risk: a link to a review.”