Voxx Products for Wellness

I have been able to increase my balance (knee issues) and endurance just by adding these socks. I went from being able to walk about a mile without pain to 3-5 miles. That recovery of function changed  so much about my physical, mental and emotional health. I have nursing friends who are able to do their 12-hour shifts 3 days in a row without leg and foot pain, for a dramatic decrease in pain from a scale of  8/10 to 2/10.

You can order your own online here, and if you are local, you can put a pair on and see the difference for yourself. If I happen to have a size and color, you can purchase them at the office. (Please no drop-ins; call first to arrange.) These can make a difference in your flexibility, balance, and endurance. Add insoles for the most gain, but just socks alone can add to your quality of mobility. There are also sleeves and Neurotech patches, so please explore the website link.

“VOXX products have been designed with the end user in mind. Every Voxx STASIS Sock and VoxxSol Insole are embedded with Voxx HPT technology. In addition to providing benefits that make these the best socks and insoles in the world we have made sure to use the best materials in producing the best quality and feel for all of our products. We want the experience of first using a Voxx product to make you know that you’re using a quality product.”  See video about studies here.

There is a recent white paper study demonstrating statistically significant changes in 59 out of 60 participants. See the paper here.