The Integrative Approach to Understanding Hormonal Balance

Hello everyone, I recently spoke informally to a lovely group at BlueFusionFitness in Waltham, and the owner, Grace, was kind enough to record it.

In it, I describe the interdependency of the Neuro-Immune-Hormone systems and their role in your health. I cover the role of cortisol and stress, and go over common health issues that are often misdiagnosed or under-appreciated and therefore treated with ineffective approaches. Examples are fatigue, sleep disturbances, anxiety symptoms, trouble concentrating, and joint pain. Also covered are testing methods, why to do it, and how natural hormones may benefit your overall health. Although the emphasis is on the peri- and post-menopausal periods in a woman’s life, this talk will be pertinent to all ages and genders, as it helps you understand the importance of and the misunderstood ideas of risks as well as the benefits of hormonal balance. It’s 42 minutes long, so hopefully you will end armed with a more thorough understanding for yourself or your friends and family! Enjoy!

See video here