Working With Deb

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My office is in Arlington, MA and is accessible by bus, in Arlington Center, with great shopping and food, and easy on street parking (most of the time.) There is one flight of stairs so it may not be accessible to everyone. Many kinds of visits can be done remotely.

I see women for their menstrual cycle concerns, peri and post menopausal concerns, as well as anything else that is of concern to a woman, or woman identified person. I currently do not insert any contraception such as implants or IUD’s, though I will happily consult and refer for you. I do have a specialty in Bio-Identical Hormones, also called Natural Hormones, and other natural approaches to hormonally based symptoms and issues.

I see men for hormone concerns as well! Hormones can help sleep, mood, libido, and erectile dysfunction.

For more information, please visit the Hormonal Health page.

I am here for postpartum adjustment concerns. In addition, I have a growing practice of seeing healthy pregnant women for relaxation and processing sessions around current or previous births. For more info on that please go to the Integrative Healing Sessions page.

My practice has a significant client panel of those who only come for integrative healing sessions as they navigate self care, relaxation, and life transitions. Some of these can also be done remotely.

Because I am an advocate for helpful, natural products without side effects, when I find them I add them to the products page. You can find links to supplements at 20% off on that page as well.

What to Expect

My remote office assistant, Golden, often returns calls and makes appointments, so you may see an unknown Arlington number on caller ID, rather than the office number. In advance, I apologize for any telephone tag this can sometimes cause. Bear with us, and help us by leaving best times to call and  your email address, if possible, when you leave your message. Please speak your name and contact info slowly and clearly. Thank you.

Policies and fees for my services are detailed on this page. Fees are independent of testing or any supplements purchased. Often we can communicate via email for quick yes/no questions at no additonal charge.

Please be sure to request your records from your most recent health care provider. I’d like recent annual exam, and any testing results.  Have them sent to you at home, or faxed to the office. If you want to email them, you can do so at, which is privacy protected.

Tele-Health appointments

Good News! There are now Telehealth appointments for those who don’t need a physical exam. We can do this just by phone, or on Zoom, client choice.

Saliva Testing 

Please be advised that I often order saliva tests as an evaluation of hormone levels, and that these are not usually covered directly by your insurance. The best option is to try to use an FSA, or HSA account to get reimbursed. Typical costs range from $150-245. If blood tests are ordered, these are usually covered by your insurance plan.