Hormonal Health

If you are experiencing a change in sleep patterns or moods, joint pain, anxiety, heat/temperature changes, with or without menstrual changes, libido, or erectile changes, no matter your age, come speak with me. We can find a plan that can support your return health.

If you have just had a baby, and have all the above plus more, make an appointment, as there can be help.

The most important thing to remember is that stress is a real thing. It robs our bodies of nutrients and hormones in order to channel help to the adrenals, which are the “fight or flight” organs critical in your response to stress.  Over time, the adrenals may need help, too, and we may need to add support, like vitamins or hormones, in addition to stress reduction or stress coping skills, diet and exercise changes.

In addition to traditional gynecology/womens services, I have a specialty in hormonal support for all ages and gender identifications, preferentially using natural hormones. On occasion, we may also assess neurotransmitters.

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What Hormonal Health Clients Are Saying

“I’m a 41 year old woman with a history of pretty standard menstrual and hormonal health. I started feeling out of balance about 2 years after my second child was born when I was 37. Before I saw Deb, I’d spend 2 weeks out of every month completely miserable with hormonal issues, both mid-cycle and right at the end of my cycle. It was awful. I was bloated, cranky, depressed, anxious, and everything in between for 50% of the time.

I visited a psychologist, my PCP, and my gynecologist to try to find a remedy, but Deb was the first medical professional who actually listened to what was going on instead of saying “oh, you’re just tired and stressed, no big deal!” or “that’s totally normal, I can put you on birth control/anti-depressants/etc.”

After some trial and error, Deb helped me regulate my hormones so that I’m down to a few days of PMS symptoms every month, and she continues to be a valuable resource as things change. I’m so grateful to not only have had someone take the time to listen to my symptoms, but to have a solution that I think is actually addressing the root of the problem.

Thank you Deb for taking women’s health seriously. My life is so much more enjoyable now, and I’m so grateful that you do what you do!”

Melissa T

“I never expected to get my clarity of thinking back. In fact, I hadn’t realized how much effort I was putting into remembering and focusing mentally until I had started on a natural hormone regimen under Deb’s care and started to feel less energy going into keeping everything straight.”

Phyllis C