Somaderm HGH Gel

Somaderm HGH Gel:

This is the HGH gel that has gone viral less than a year since the company launched! It’s the only FDA registered OTC product right now. This form means it’s can’t be harmfully overdone as some body builders and athletes have done with powders and injectables. Using it as directed in small quantities has potential benefits of many kinds for tissue repair, recovering muscle tone and skin tone that has declined with age, improving vitality and energy, and aiding the body in health support that can feel as if time is reversing.

Here’s a you tube link with a naturopath which has some nice info:

Here’s instructions on how to use the gel.

Here are the ingredients:

My Personal experiences!
8/8/18  Personal experience thus far: I have now been using it only 5 weeks, and at half dose. Two amazing unexpected changes are that my hair loss has reversed noticeably to myself and others ( it had looked as if we owned a dog!) and that I have had to change hair bands and clips to larger sizes to accommodate the fuller hair. The aging skin on my arms has reversed to less wrinkly, and firmer. I always have energy, but it seems to be increasing, even so.

3/09/19 On 1/27 I slipped on ice, fracturing my left wrist in 3 places, and getting it casted. Expected cast time was 4 weeks with a 6-10 week estimated full recovery, and warnings about my age and possible delays or continued pain. I can say that my wrist healed quite fast, maybe due the improved healing capacity form the HGH boost? Cast was off in 12 days, pain and healing steadily diminished so that I had full use and minimal pain by 6 weeks.

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