Policies & Fees

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Here are the policies and fees for the services I provide.

Most visits can be done virtually, via phone or Zoom, per client preference. They can also now be done in person again.


Payment is expected at time of visit, except where otherwise noted below. Payment is accepted via credit card, PayPal, Venmo, check or cash.

Communicating with Me

Please note that it’s important that you use these dedicated, confidential methods of reaching me, even if you know me personally or are connected in some way socially. 

Emailing me through midwifedebgowen@hushmail.com assures that my assistant, Golden, sees that your message is responded to in the most efficient and timely manner and that your information is kept private. 

Clients can expect a call back response within 24 business hours, during the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday. On occasion, Golden or I will call in the evening , or outside of those hours, especially to make scheduling appointment visits easier.

Office phone/voicemail: (781) 643-7020
Email: midwifedebgowen@hushmail.com
Text/phone ONLY for Weight Management and Wellness Launch Programs: (339)707-0503


Wellness Consults

New and Annuals

Wellness Consult visits cover women’s and men’s wellness, including hormonal health.These appointments last about an hour, and the fee has been the same for years at $300. This will be raised to $350, starting September 15, 2023. If you already have an appointment scheduled, your rate will remain the fee that you booked in at. The visit is tailored to your needs and can include, as applicable, physical exam, pap smear, discussion of health history and saliva and lab test results, lab ordering or evaluation of existing labs, hormonal and supplement prescribing and treatment planning.

Return Visits

Brief Follow-up

These appointments last about 30 minutes and the fee is $150. We follow-up on your care plan for existing problems.

These are less than 30 minute appointments for brief follow-up on existing problems. The fee is $100.

VERY Brief follow up

up to 15 minutes, $75. These calls are most usual for updates and someone who has a few questions that need discussion.

Email follow up from existing clients

I will be glad to answer simple questions, requiring a quick yes or no, at no charge, any time. If it an analysis of something in your chart, or labs/supplements list, or a list of questions or review of explanations or plan, I will ask you to hop on a quick call. The fee is $75 for up to 15 minutes.

Integrative Healing Sessions

Sessions are 60-90 minutes, depending on type of issue and modality used. Session consists of presenting issue, discussion of approaches, treatment, and client coaching as needed. The fee is $200 per session. Packages of sessions may be purchased at 3/$500 and 7/$1000. Packages must be used within 6 months of purchase and are transferable, not refundable. Packages can be purchased in advance or within a week of the first session with the same discount. I use a variety of modalities, but the most common and favorite of clients is Access Bars.

Weight Management Program

This is a 6- or 9-week program that includes initial evaluation phone call, DesBio homeopathic weight management kit, 1-hour instructional session, daily text check-ins and weekly 15-30 minute phone calls.

The 6-week program fee is $750. The 9-week program fee is $950. Fee is payable in advance, at sign-up, which occurs after introductory phone call. A partial refund is available if client changes their mind after the DesBio kit has been mailed but before commencement of the program. Kits are mailed within the first day after initial phone call. Refund for the 6-week program is $400. Refund for the 9-week program is $600.

Wellness Launch

This is a 6-9 month wellness package that includes 

• Hormonal Balance: an initial intake (usually an hour), saliva testing for hormones, blood tests as necessary, billed to insurance, hormonal and supplement prescribing as indicated, with two 30-minute follow-ups, usually at 2 and 4 months after initiation of the program

• Weight Management: The homeopathic kit made by DesBio, daily text supervision and support with me, 4-6 phone calls

• Two Integrative Healing Sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes. These can be in person or remote and can be talk/coaching therapy, or hands-on sessions including but not limited to any of the techniques and tools from Access Bars®, Havening® or Reconnective® healing work.

The fee is $2500, payable in full, or in 3 payments over the first six weeks. Pacing is individualized, but services must be used by 9 months from initiation of plan.