Integrative Healing Sessions

I have done healing sessions since 1999, using a little known modality called Unlimited Body, combined with Creative Questions. I then added training in The Reconnection, and Reconnective Healing. Then I discovered Access Consciousness® work.  Why did I land upon the techniques I use? I was looking for something that took me out of the place of healer, because the only healing that can be done arises from the person who has the pain, or has the impulse to live life as fully as possible.  Some of those people believe in a higher power, and feel that is what’s helping them as well. I am not that higher power and will never take on that title or even that of healer as it detracts from the source where the healing is actually coming from: YOU.

I was also searching for support techniques, not pushy fixes. My work with laboring women reminded me daily that process evolves in its own time with each person, and my job, if I choose to do it, is to keep a safe space, and stay strong in it so healing success, like birth, can occur. The natural impulse is to want to “do something.” But, we can’t really.  “Do something,” that is. We can offer love, and a toolbox of helpful support mixed with experience to guide an unfolding process, and create safety in doing that.

My integrative healing sessions may include Access Bars®, Access Facelift®, and Access Body Processes® and health coaching. For more information about Access Consciousness, check in here.

Update: Sept 5: I have recently completed training in something that accesses Delta waves to lessen or resolve trauma, including PTSD, phobias, panic disorders, chronic pain, or sudden onset pain or conditions of unknown origins. This is called Havening. A brief description here:

The Havening Techniques® is the newest psychosensory therapy created by Ronald Ruden, MD, PhD. When an experience is perceived as traumatic, it becomes encoded in the limbic system of our brain, often with life-altering consequences. However, the field of neuroscience has shown us that it’s possible to remove this encoding.
The Havening Techniques® is a method to change the brain and can permanently delete a trauma’s negative effects from both our mind and body.
With it, we can:

Create positive futures by tapping into the “memory consolidation” process of the brain
Build personal resilience against future trauma
Prepare an “emotional first aid” and much more



Choose Number of Sessions
One session $200.00 USD
Three sessions $500.00 USD
Five sessions $750.00 USD

The testimonial page will help you gain more clarity about the power of your decision to get a different kind of help.



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