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Want to learn stress relief ? Want to get rid of stuff, and clear your brain for new wonderful things?

There is a known stress reliever which is a technique called Access Bars. Go to the link below or to the tab on the home page to find out more specifics, but know that laying back with someone touching 32 different points on your head for anywhere from 30-60 minutes can give the benefits equivalent to 6 hours of deep meditation, or of several great night’s sleep. You get something called theta waves.

Do you have a best friend, spouse or business partner that would love to learn it with you so you can give each other sessions? Do you see clients with so much unrelieved stress, you would love an easy to do and always helpful tool, a way to help?

I often give classes, for as little as 4 participants, and have taught throughout the states and abroad. You will learn, but also give and receive two sessions, so you will have a life altering day. When you are done, you will be certified as a practitioner, and after some practice be able to see and charge clients if that’s appealing to you.

I also travel to teach. Available distance depends on class size.

See the link for more info.

If interested in joining a class or forming one for your group or association, please use the contact form or email me at

Access Bars study shows decreased anxiety and improved mood

Although this is a small study, the results were statistically significant. To schedule a session, call  1 -339-707-0503.

Access Consciousness and Autism or PTSD

Here’s a link to a well written article about a Canadian mom who is using BARS session with her 14 year old son with great success. If you’d like to know more, or get a session for yourself or someone you love, please email me.