My current office is at 366 Mass Ave, Suite 101, in Arlington, 02474.    781-643-7020. Fax:877-346-3476

The office is accessible by bus, a few blocks outside Arlington Center, with great shopping and food! and easy on street parking most of the time.

I see women for their annual exams, including Pap and breast exams, for menstrual cycle concerns, peri and post menopausal concerns, as well as anything else that is of concern to a woman. I currently do not insert any contraception such as implants or IUD’s, though I will happily consult and refer for you. I do have a specialty in Bio-Identical Hormones, and other natural approaches to hormonally based symptoms and issues.

I am here for postpartum adjustment concerns. In addition, I have a growing practice of seeing healthy pregnant women for relaxation and processing sessions around current or previous births. For more info on that please go to the Healing sessions, Access Bars, tab.

Currently, I have an off site assistant, Golden, helping me return calls and make appointments, so you may see an unknown Arlington number on caller ID, rather than the office number. In advance, I apologize for any telephone tag this can sometimes cause. Bear with us, and help us by leaving best times to call, and even your email address, if possible, when you leave your message. Please speak your name and contact info slowly and clearly. Thank you.

I  bill most major insurance plans.  If you want to see me and try to get reimbursed by your own plan, I can give you a receipt to try to submit after our appointment, but you’ll be asked to pay at the time of the visit, and I can’t guarantee that you will be covered.

Insurances currently accepted:

Mass Health, Medicare, HPHC , United, Cigna, Neighborhood Health Plan, BCBS, TUFTS (but not the Commonwealth/Connector  health plans)

Please be sure to request your records from your most recent gyn provider.  Have them sent to you at home, or to me at my office. If you want to email them, you can do so at, which is privacy protected.  Fax also welcomed. You can also email me privately about your care, info protected, at that email.

Telephone Appointments and Skype

Good News! There are some telephone/Skype and email  appointments available for those of you who have seen me before and don’t need a physical exam. These types of appointments are for checking in about hormone adjustments, having a prescription refilled, contraception, or to get my opinion or advice about other questions you may have. The call is billed at $25(minimum) for up to 15 minutes.  15-30 minutes is billed at $50, and anything over 30 minutes is $100, with a cap time of 60 minutes per call.  Most telephone appointments are $25-$50. Please let Golden know if you think your questions are more than a quick yes or no, so she can set up a call, or visit time for you. These appointments are not available unless you have seen me at least once as an initial client.I hope this will help those of you who are now traveling distances to see me!

For New Out of State Consults

If you are reading this, it’s probably because someone you know told you to consult with me. You will not be able to make an appointment through the office without a chart or a visit first. We can however, speak on the phone about your situation, and bill you directly. In so many instances, what is needed is education and a fresh exploration of what concerns you. I’d be glad to try to help.

Saliva Testing 

Please be advised that I order saliva tests as an evaluation of hormone levels, and that these are not usually covered directly by your insurance. I do not do prior authorization requests for these, as it isn’t fruitful. The best option is to use a FSA, or HSA account to get reimbursed.

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