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Some help with pain:

Feldenkrais!  Go try some. I have been so helped that despite some abysmal knee X-rays, I am still functioning. Their approach is so holistic, non judgmental, slow, easy and non force. Locally, we have  Deborah Lotus and  Tiffany Sankary. I have seen them both myself.

Ms. Christine Kent has some useful, and life changing information and exercises for women who have experienced uterine and bladder issues, and have tried everything, especially Kegel’s and are being told surgery is the only way to solve anything. see her site.

Another fantastic approach to joint pain…Our local Egoscue method guy is fabulous!  Josh Mattson   You can also check out this approach to pain,  online in their books, or find a clinic in your area as well.  Egoscue

Flying Up the Stairs, about Midlife Arthritis in Women  is a fact filled and amazingly useful book for any woman being told she has arthritis during her 40’s and on, especially when she is peri-menopausal or fully so! Wish I’d had this to read in the way back, when my “arthritis” started. Might have saved me that knee replacement!

Beyond pain: Writers with compassion and humor

Want some soul balm? inspiration when you are struggling? Phyllis Capanna’s Possibility Printables offers  joy and inspiration, yes, but also tools for those whose healing journey includes addiction, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and difficulty getting into self-care. Sign up to receive free Possibility Cards, coupons, and general love. Buy books, Soul Message cards and so much more in her Etsy shop. Yes, she is a personal friend, and I am biased, but only as much as I am about all the other recommendations. I like them; I think they have something to offer.

I will plug another friend. She wrote this book when there was a vacuum out there for empty nesting single moms. So it’s a classic. With humor. Check out this nouveau Erma Bombeck, at