Testimonials and Kind Words


Lastly, I can’t thank you enough for today. My mind is literally blown by your knowledge of the woman’s body. And I appreciate your empathy more than anything. ❤️ Tina G. 10/2020

Life Changing.

I’m a 41 year old woman with a history of pretty standard menstrual and hormonal health. I started feeling out of balance about 2 years after my second child was born when I was 37. Before I saw Deb, I’d spend 2 weeks out of every month completely miserable with hormonal issues, both mid-cycle and right at the end of my cycle. It was awful. I was bloated, cranky, depressed, anxious, and everything in between for 50% of the time.
I visited a psychologist, my PCP, and my gynecologist to try to find a remedy, but Deb was the first medical professional who actually listened to what was going on instead of saying “oh, you’re just tired and stressed, no big deal!” or “that’s totally normal, I can put you on birth control/anti-depressants/etc.”
After some trial and error, Deb helped me regulate my hormones so that I’m down to a few days of PMS symptoms every month, and she continues to be a valuable resource as things change. I’m so grateful to not only have had someone take the time to listen to my symptoms, but to have a solution that I think is actually addressing the root of the problem.
Thank you Deb for taking women’s health seriously. My life is so much more enjoyable now, and I’m so grateful that you do what you do!–Melissa T July 2019
and another love note from Melissa:
Thanks again for doing what you do. I’m so grateful to have you as a resource to try to balance out these hormones of mine. I feel so much better this month – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

Proud Results

You’ve been exponentially better than any primary care doctor I’ve ever had in my entire life …..Not one doctor ever even thought about checking my vitamin D, which basically saved my life❤️

I just can’t resist showing you my latest weight loss results ….. feel so proud, happy, and empowered.–Dawn M. 8/2019.

Weight loss

I am 51 years old and I have been struggling with weight loss my entire life. At this time in my life though, things seemed utterly hopeless when it came to weight loss.  I would walk 2-3 miles per day 3-4 times per week, I would stick to the new fad diet of the day and I LOVE water, so I would drink between 70-100oz of water per day BUT THE SCALE WOULD NOT BUDGE! I am so happy my sister shared with me the DesBios weight management program and introduced me to Deb. I live in Southern, Arizona and my sister lives in Central, Massachusetts; so, Deb simply guided me through this program via the phone. We scheduled phone calls as needed and Deb was always punctual, professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. For the first time in over ten years, the scale moved, and I lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks, gained loads of energy and have been able to maintain this weight loss for over four months now. I would highly recommend this program and Deb, for anyone who struggles with weight loss! Thanks Deb!   Vail, AZ

Turning Point in Healing from Hepatitis C

“Deb Gowen is a healer whose whole life has been dedicated to assisting people – as a nurse-practitioner/midwife, who brings years of experience at being truly present with someone at a time of need. But her gift for healing goes beyond medical training. She is a brilliant intuitive healer as well, with a keen focus and a deeply empathetic, non-judgmental presence. My session came at a time when I was undergoing a difficult treatment regimen for hepatitis C (some of you may know what Interferon treatments entail).  At the end of the session I felt an uncommon clarity and a sense of well-being that I can still call upon today. In my session I was able to feel and express deep childhood hurts thanks to her powerful, palpable attention and sense of connectedness. I felt that she was completely, absolutely, on my side in our collaboration to help my body and mind fight the fears and hurts from the past and present.

“My story ends happily – I ended my treatment successfully and was cured. During the course of my months of treatment I received a lot of help from medical professionals, peer counselors and others, but I mark my session with Deb as one of the key events contributing to that cure.” ~ EE, Jersey City, NJ, 8/2014, Unlimited Body session

Best Midwife Ever!

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you for being the most wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate midwife ever!!!!!!     And for putting up with me all these years.  Lisa S. 2019

Knee Pain and Developmental Delays

“My children and I have been fortunate to have Deb do on-site and distance healing sessions on us for many years. My  first session occurred when I was experiencing  pain in a knee that had been surgically repaired 15 years earlier after a skiing accident. I wasn’t sure how healing could be facilitated without touch, and I was amazed at the experience. Deb quietly and thoughtfully began her work. It wasn’t long before I could begin to feel the energy literally pulsate and race around my body-up one leg, around my torso and down the other leg cycling through my body. I didn’t want the session or that amazing energy to stop, and it remained with me for a while after the session had finished.

“Deb has also worked with my oldest son. He was born with numerous health issues, one that required hospitalization. She  helped him through/past some of the hurdles in his path. There were times that once done focusing her energy on my son, she also put it to work with me again, knowing the anxiety and stress I was dealing with as a mother guiding her child through medical mazes.  I highly recommend setting up a session with Deb to experience her work for yourself. You will find that Deb will guide you through your personal experience with caring and calm.” ~ UZ,  Pinellas Park, FL, 9/2012, Unlimited Body and Reconnective Healing sessions

Deeply Relaxing and Life-Affirming

“Everything you do is all about life!” ~ AJ, Cumberland, RI  8/2015, Access Bars® session

“I’ve had two Access Bars® sessions with Deb, and both were very powerful. If you want to loosen and move out old stuff, this is an easy way to do it! I’ll be back for more.  As always, I’ll try anything Deb likes and advocates. She’s a wonderful healer with a huge heart. I’ve known Deb since the birth of my son 27 years ago. She applies the same magical intensity to everything she does.” ~ Karen M, Cambridge, MA, 11/2015

“This is so interesting, and I don’t know how to describe it. Relaxing, deeply, yet energizing.  I think people should have at least one session every month.” ~ TM, Cambridge, MA, 8/2015, Access Bars® session

Helps Facilitate Other Healing Work

“The Access Bars® session I received from Deb seemed to help me receive and benefit from other energy work that I had done shortly after. In the past, I never felt that much benefit from psychic healing or psychic readings, but this time I did, and I feel the Access Bars session helped lay the groundwork for me to receive and benefit from these other modalities. I had been suffering from a serious depression, and the Access Bars work helped clear it. I feel much lighter and happier and look forward to having more sessions in the future with Deb. Her ability to be there as a loving and neutral presence, while also being an absolute rock in standing for my health and happiness, makes me feel nurtured and supported in a wonderful way.” ~ PC, Waterville, ME, 9/2015, Access Bars® and Wellness Coaching client

7 responses to “Testimonials and Kind Words”

  1. Diane C. says :

    My experience with Deb has been consistently one of healing, expansion and wisdom. She easily combines intellect, experience and, for want of a better word, spirit. I would recommend her to anyone wanting greater health and joy in their life.

  2. debgowen says :

    Thanks,Diane! It has been a pleasure working with you.

  3. Bob & A.J. Prignano says :

    Deb performed individual Access Bars Healing Sessions for my husband and me. We were both extremely relaxed and serene after our sessions. Within the first few days after the sessions, results of the Access Bars Healing became apparent in our decision-making process and the handling of stressful situations. We both maintained a clear-headed sensation and felt unencumbered by all the useless clutter and negativity that we tend to store. The positivity continues several weeks after the initial sessions and we look forward to future Access Bars Healing sessions with Deb.

  4. Karen M says :

    I’ve had two Access Bars sessions with Deb, and both were very powerful. If you want to loosen and move out old stuff, this is an easy way to do it! I’ll be back for more.

    As always, I’ll try anything Deb likes and advocates. She’s a wonderful healer with a huge heart. I’ve known Deb since the birth of my son 27 years ago. She applies the same magical intensity to everything she does.

  5. Snjezana says :

    I had trouble with insomnia recently. After only one session two days in a row I slept like a baby!! I want more!!

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