The Wellness Launch

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A Complete Package

The Wellness Launch is a complete package that addresses hormonal health, weight management and supports the whole person through integrative healing sessions.

This complete package include:

Hormonal Health: An initial intake (usually an hour), saliva testing for hormones, blood tests as necessary, hormonal and supplement prescribing as indicated, with two 30-minute follow-ups, usually at 2 and 4 months after initiation of the program.

Weight Management: The homeopathic kit made by DesBio, daily text supervision and support with me, and 4-6 phone calls, scheduled weekly. The average weight loss has been 6-7% and up to 10% of body fat in 4-6 weeks.

Two Integrated Healing Sessions of choice, each lasting 60-90 minutes. These can be in person or remote and can be talk/coaching therapy, or hands-on sessions using any of the techniques and tools  from Access Bars┬«, Havening┬« or Reconnective┬« healing work.

The Wellness Launch package fee is $2500, and takes 4-6 months, with results of improved energy, deeper and longer sleep, hormone balance, and excitement and hope because health has shifted and improved.

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