Products I Use

These are some of the products I use for wellness, and because of their efficacy, I have become a distributor of them in order to get best pricing and regular shipments.

Disclosure:  I offer my links for your investigation of the products or shopping, and on some orders I may get a small profit. If this bothers you, please don’t fret, simply ignore these products or links.

Protandim: NRF2 activation with known helpful ingredients in a patented formula that works better together than apart. The company Life Vantage has quite a few products I like, but this is my staple for many years. If you have pets with arthritis and pain, you will want to consider their pet product. (link needs to copied and pasted)

If you use google scholar and type in NRF2 and Protandim you’ll find lovely reference articles.

Forever Green: This company has an amazing product that looks like a bandaid or patch called PowerStrips that helps alleviate pain, and improve mobility and energy, and I travel with some at all times.

They also have a system to jump start a ketogenic diet which has helped quite a few people I know with their health goals. ( but don’t judge by me! the products have stevia and I happen to be in the allergic minority, unfortunately)

Voxx Wellness  : Socks and insoles

“VOXX products have been designed with the end user in mind. Every Voxx STASIS Sock and VoxxSol Insole are embedded with Voxx HPT technology. In addition to providing benefits that make these the best socks and insoles in the world we have made sure to use the best materials in producing the best quality and feel for all of our products. We want the experience of first using a Voxx product to make you know that you’re using a quality product.”

I have been able to increase my balance (knee issues) and endurance just by adding these socks. I have RN friends who are able to do their 12 hour shifts 3 days in a row without leg and foot pain, for a dramatic decrease in pain from 8/10 to 2/10.

Check out the testimonial page, and the products page. If you are local, you will soon be able to purchase them at the office. These can make a difference in your flexibility, balance, and endurance. Add insoles for the most gain, but just socks alone can add to your quality of mobility

Somaderm HGH Gel: This is the HGH gel that has gone viral! It’s the only FDA registered OTC product right now.   This form means its harder to overdo it as some body builders have done with powders and injectables. Using it as directed in small quantities has potential benefits of many kinds for tissue repair, recovering muscle tone and skin tone that has declined with age, improving vitality and energy.


8/8/18 I have now been using it only 5 weeks, and  at half dose. Two amazing unexpected changes are that my hair loss has reversed noticeably to myself and others ( it had looked as if we owned a dog!) and that I have had to change hair bands and clips to larger sizes to accommodate the fuller hair. The aging skin on my arms has reversed to less wrinkly, and firmer. I always have energy, but it seems to be increasing even so.

Stay tuned!

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